Welcome to the iBiology Newsletter!  We hope you have been enjoying the new website.  We’ve been busy adding new videos for you to watch. iBiology Google Hangouts:
iBiology is starting a new series called “iBiology Hangouts”, which are monthly live Q&A events with our speakers. The first iBiology Hangout was with Ron Vale on November 7th. Watch the recorded interview on iBiology.org: http://www.ibiology.org/hangout-with-a-scientist.html Join us for our next iBiology Hangout on December 3rd at 12 PM EST with Gregory Petsko who will discuss post-doctoral training and the biomedical workforce. To participate, simply visit the event page on December 3rd at 12 PM EST, where you will be able to watch a live broadcast of Dr. Petsko and can submit your questions for him to answer.  Join us here: iBiology Hangout with Dr. Petsko.
New iBioSeminars

Howard Berg: Marvels of Bacterial Behavior

Sarah Tishkoff: African Genomics: Human Evolution and Migration
New iBioMagazine Issue 10
Paul Berg: Making the First Recombinant DNA Molecule

Elizabeth Blackburn: Discovery of Telomeric DNA and Telomerase

Daniel Colón-Ramos: Making Science Relevant

Erin Dolan: Biology Education Scholarship

Arthur Horwich: Discovery of Chaperonin-Assisted Protein Folding

Lim, Cachianes, ALHS Students: UCSF iGEM Program

MBL Summer Course Participants: Why I Do Science, Part II

Gregory Petsko: The Post-Doctoral Situation

Howard Schachman: Misconduct in Science http://www.ibiology.org/ibiomagazine/issue-10/howard-schachman-misconduct-in-science.html

James Watson: The Pathway to DNA http://www.ibiology.org/ibiomagazine/issue-10/james-watson-the-pathway-to-dna.html
Are you attending the ASCB annual meeting in New Orleans?  If so, come meet the iBiology team!  We will be located in the exhibit hall at the ASCB Education/Minority Affairs Committee booth.  Join us for an iBiology.org launch celebration on Monday, December 16th at 4 pm and on Tueday, December 17th at 12 pm, for an iBiology.org demonstration.

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